Kick Start


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What is Kick Start™

This formula is designed for the initially stage of growth when young seedlings or freshly rooted cutting need their first dose of additional fertilizer. Focused on root development and early leaf growth, this formula fuses organics with minerals like many of our formulas.

Key features:

  • A stepping stone to full nutrient programs
  • Helps develop stronger root structure
  • Maximizes photosynthesis in young plants

A closer look:

From the first roots

Formulated for seedlings and young plants to ensure all required minerals are available during this critical phase. Minerals are fortified with a number of beneficial organic extracts to drive root growth and plant development while protecting against over and under watering.

Can be used on any plant after root development to accelerate growth in the first few weeks of a plant’s life. Provides elevated levels of key micro nutrients essential during the initial stages of plant development such as zinc and iron.

Organics for impact

different organic extracts to enhance plant development by driving plant growth while improving environmental tolerance, compounds to ensure nutrients are in plant available forms and natural wetting agents full of saponins that improve growth and resilience to dry conditions.

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