Plant Prod MJ Boost


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Plant-Prod MJ Boost 15-30-15 is a high phosphorus formulation that supplies the necessary phosphorus for cannabis transplants and bud sizing.


This highly soluble formulation has a low salt index and contains no sulphates or harmful chlorides, making it a very safe fertilizer for young transplants to initiate rapid root development. Adequate phosphorus is also required to initiate the stretch and bud formation. When plants are of a sufficient level of maturity or when buds are pea sized, feeding with 15-30-15 provides a boost of phosphorus to promote vigorous bud setting and sizing.

Use in conjunction with Stim-Root® Rooting Hormone during propagation
Feed during Week 1 to establish a healthy root system
Feed during Week 4 to boost bud formation
Feed in rotation with Plant-Prod MJTMCal Kick as needed

Available in a No Dye Added formulation.

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