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Specific for Hemp and Cannabis production

  • Increase the bioavailability of phosphate and calcium to the plant through the use of phosphate and calcium-solubilizing bacteria.
  • Increase the bioavailability of iron through the use of siderophore-producing bacteria.
  • Promote good soil health with enzymes that hydrolyze substrate into useful byproducts for the rhizospheric microbial communities.

Mix ratio

  • 250ml concentrate = 1000 liters
  • 500ml concentrate = 2000 liters
  • 1l concentrate = 4000 liters
  • 4Lconcentrate = 16000 liters
Phophorus Solubilisation

Phosphorus is vital for a range of plant stages and features, including the early stages of development, tissue stiffness, root growth, fruit formation, inflorescence (flowering), and also resistance to cold and disease.

Calcium Solubilisation

Calcium promotes an efficient root system, ensures the development of rigid stems, and is essential for a plant’s immune system to function properly.

Siderophore Production

Iron is also an essential nutrient, and of the microelements necessary for plants to function properly, iron is chief among them.

Extracellular Enzyme Production

Helps grade compounds in the soil so that the plants can metabolise them. In addition, the by-products of degradation can induce the growth of bacteria present for the greater benefit for the plant.

Home page: https://miicrobialmass.com/

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