Blumat Balcony Set 3M


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The Drip-Blumat is a sensor that delivers the water drop by drop by a thin tube over the plant. It always opens when the earth starts to dry and closes when the moisture is sufficient again. For this operation, the system requires a water pressure coming from the mains or from a higher tank.

Each plant, each vessel or a plant group is populated with at least 1 Blumat drip and adjusted to the individual needs of the plant. For larger vessels or surfaces, several or even longer sensors are provided. All drip-Blumat are connected to the common supply hose, with various possibilities of arrangement and changeable at any time.

This standard or initial set is designed for a balcony box system with 3 boxes of 1 m length, but is also suitable for any application.
The rule is: 4 drip-Blumat (4 drip points) per 1 m-box, 3 drip-Blumat per 0.8 m-box or 1 drip-Blumat for vessels up to 25 cm in diameter.
As a water supply, a connection to the high tank is intended. For a recommended connection to the tap, the pressure reducer is additionally required.


12 drips
7 m supply hose
1 angle
1 end piece
1 hose brancher
1 T piece
1 hose connection
1 high tank connection

Additional information

Weight .471 kg
Dimensions 22.86 × 20.32 × 20.32 cm


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